Tokay Realty Rental

Lodi, CA

Rental Move-Out Information

Thank you for renting from Tokay Realty Rental. We hope your stay has been a pleasant one. In order to avoid any scheduling problems or additional rent charges, you are expected to move out by the day you have indicated.

To assist us in promptly refunding your security deposit, we ask that you follow the Cleaning Requirements and on the day you move out you turn over the following:

  1. Drop off your keys to 222 W. Lockeford St., Ste. #1
  2. Leave the Garage Door Openers with all the appliance instructions in a kitchen drawer
  3. Leave garbage containers, if not picked up by the garbage company, clean and empty
  4. Leave the fireplace gas key on the fireplace mantel

If the above items are not returned, applicable charges will be deducted from your security deposit.

Rent stops when the keys are returned to our office.

Cleaning Requirements

Tokay Realty Rental can have your Mini-blinds and Carpets cleaned for you after you leave. We charge you what we are charged for that service. We also assume the responsibility for the job done and we usually get it done cheaper than you might

For your convenience, you may print this page and use it as a checklist.


  • Hood, exhaust fan and filter. Clean and grease free. Light bulb works.
  • Oven door and oven interior cleaned. Follow the Manufactures instructions.
  • Clean or replace drip pans, clean under burners. Clean broiler pan.
  • Clean out and wipe clean all cabinets, shelves, drawers, cutting board, and counter tops.
  • Clean and polish all chrome, faucets and light fixtures. Replace burned out bulbs.
  • Check the dishwasher for foreign items in the and around the drain. Wipe off the door inside and out.
  • Clean walls, ceiling and windows.
  • Floor should be cleaned as per manufactures instructions.


  • Shower and Tub enclosure thoroughly cleaned and free of mildew or mold, and soap scum.
  • Toilets and Sinks thoroughly cleaned and free of mildew or mold.
  • Medicine cabinet cleaned and mirrors polished.
  • Vanity cleaned out and wiped clean.
  • Sink faucets and drain stopper in working order.
  • Bathroom fan cleaned and in working order.
  • Light fixture cleaned and all light bulbs are in and working.
  • Towel racks and Toilet paper holder clean and in good repair.
  • Clean walls, ceiling, floor, and windows.


  • Pick up all trash. Don’t leave wood or other items behind they are not wanted by us or the next tenant.
  • Clean the front door and the area around the entrance.
  • De-web the exterior of the house.
  • Clean grease and oil spots off the driveway.


  • Remove all smudges and fingerprints from walls, doors and woodwork.
  • Clean all electric outlets, light switches.
  • Clean all light fixtures and replace all burned out bulbs with the required type.
  • Clean out all closets and wipe off the shelves.
  • Clean windows inside and out.
  • Clean all window screens with vacuum, also vacuum window tracks and sills.
  • Clean furnace vent and replace filter with a new one.
  • De-web the interior of the house.
  • Clean out the Fireplace.
  • Smoke detectors must be in operating condition.
  • Clean mini-blinds and vertical blinds and rod.  I can have the blinds cleaned for you when the house is empty.
  • Vacuum the carpets thoroughly. Carpets must be commercially cleaned.  (Supermarket rental equipment is inadequate and may ruin the carpet).  I can have the carpets cleaned for you when the house is empty.


  • Properly dispose of all trash and cleaning materials.
  • De-web interior of garage.
  • Remove all dryer lint.
  • Replace burned out light bulbs.
  • De-grease and Hose out the garage floor.
  • Wash out all garbage cans and place them in the garage. Trash left behind is your responsibility and its removal will affect your Security Deposit.
  • Clean all garage doors to include the overhead door.

Thank you for your assistance, and we hope your stay has been a pleasant one.

Crystal Kirst
Property Manager